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Web Marketing & E-Commerce Overview
"Web Marketing & E-Commerce Overview" presentation reviews Internet strategies that can help you get the most from your business
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Web Site User Survey
Do you know what is important to your Web Site User?
Review the "Web Site Design Survey" to understand your users expectations and issues
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Web Site Design Survey

More than 83 percent of Internet users are likely to leave a web site if they feel they have to make too many clicks to find what they're looking for.

Web Site Feature Importance

Ease of use/navigation, fast download time Эрмитаж с детьми что посмотреть and quality of content are web site design features that are considered the most important.

Feature Impact on Decision to Return to a Web Site

Ease of use or navigation and fast download time are considered the most important features when determining whether or not to return to a site. Regularly updated information and quality of content are also considered important.

Navigation Frustration

More than 80 percent of Internet users are likely to move to another web site when they feel they have to make too many clicks in an online search.

User-friendly Informational Sites

User-friendly informational sites are easy to use and navigate. Quality content and fast download time also contribute to being user friendly.

User-friendly Shopping Sites

Easy order processing and security features generally make shopping sites user friendly; ease of use and navigation were mentioned by two out of five users.

Ease of Navigation

Most indicate web sites today are easier to navigate than they were a year ago.

Search and Navigation Success

Most online users indicate they feel able to search and navigate the bulk of most web sites successfully.

Personalized Web Pages

More than half use "personalized" web pages. Most update their personalized pages at least quarterly.

Expectations in Exchange for Providing Personal Information

Useful/Personalized information (29 percent)
"Any information that will help me do research or whatever type of shopping I like. I also want my financial pages to be up to date with information that is helpful to me."

"Local weather, advertisements geared toward preferences and interests, stories or news geared toward interests and special offers geared toward demographics."

Security/Privacy (23 percent)
"A promise to never sell or trade that information to anyone else."

"Privacy. Easy to withdraw name from the list."

"Security measures where I won't get junk e-mails from my information."

"To be able to specify how this data will be used, who will see it, whether or not it will be sold and the choice of spam-free."

Discounts/Free Stuff/Gifts (22 percent)
"Discounts for products and services."

"Free samples, discounts, special offers, sweepstakes entries and specific personalized information."

"Some sort of compensation — either cash or prizes."

Better services (12 percent)
"I expect to be able to get the information I would like fast and friendly. I would also like them to respond to a question within 24 to 36 hours after sending it."

"Better services, easier to use and faster."

"I hope that they would use the information to better serve the customers who visit those sites."

Nothing (17 percent)
"I don't expect to receive back personalized marketing information. I prefer to be anonymous. I provide that information in order to help them make it look and work better."

"I would prefer not to give personal information to a web site and would not expect anything in return from them."

This Andersen Internet survey was conducted between March 30 and April 3, 2001, and is based on responses from 990 online users surveyed by Knowledge Systems & Research Inc.


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