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sdavrg.com Web Site
TechWurk launches new Web site sdavrg.com

Web Marketing & E-Commerce Overview
"Web Marketing & E-Commerce Overview" presentation reviews Internet strategies that can help you get the most from your business
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Web Site User Survey
Do you know what is important to your Web Site User?
Review the "Web Site Design Survey" to understand your users expectations and issues
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The ultimate goal at TechWurk is to help our clients build or enhance their businesses. Our team works in concert to produce пешие прогулки по Москве solutions uniquely tailored to meet the business requirements of each client.

Building speed-to-market solutions and ensuring quality demands a rigorous process. TechWurk follows a clearly defined a six-phase approach that goes from the conceptual stages to launch and beyond. The use of process specific document delivery templates and industry expertise allows us to quickly assess and deliver our client’s solution.

Discover Phase: We rapidly analyze the unique requirements of your business and provide Web-based strategies and tactics that support your business strategy.

Define Phase: TechWurk leverages its proven approach, its understanding of the client and its industry to develop design concepts, information architecture and content plans.

Design Phase: Detailed plans are created that specify the strategic creative, technical and architectural solution.

Develop Phase: TechWurk produces the front-end user interface and begins laying the system foundation with back-end development and integration.

Deploy Phase: The project is launched once the quality assurance team has tested and approved the site.

Service Phase: TechWurk continues its commitment to our clients by building a relationship that extends well beyond site maintenance. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to leverage Web-Based and new media technology to support your business objectives. We also offer tracking analysis to monitor and evaluate performance against strategic, business, and ROI project objectives.


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