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sdavrg.com Web Site
TechWurk launches new Web site sdavrg.com

Web Marketing & E-Commerce Overview
"Web Marketing & E-Commerce Overview" presentation reviews Internet strategies that can help you get the most from your business
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Web Site User Survey
Do you know what is important to your Web Site User?
Review the "Web Site Design Survey" to understand your users expectations and issues
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Web-based Business and Technology Solutions

We provide a focused set of business and technical solutions which are specifically tailored for small and mid-sized companies. This allows our clients to achieve the benefits that are traditionally associated with large companies and large IT budgets.TechWurk primarily serves the following industries; Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Consumer Products and Services.

Web Marketing - The process of promoting goods and services online and reaching out to both existing and new customers through Internet-based tools such as e-mail, online advertising, electronic newsletters and of course a well-designed Web site.

E-Commerce - Applications that allow private enterprises and public institutions to conduct transactions online with customers, suppliers and business partners through Internet-based interactive applications.

Customer Care - Customers expect to be able to conduct product research, place orders, check order status, customize orders, and investigate new products and services. Customer care provides the mechanism for customers to do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Integrated Business Applications - A completely integrated application suite that helps you run your entire business more efficiently. It allows you to replace multiple and costly applications with one simple and affordable system that automates all your business processes, including accounting, finance, sales, service, employee management, customer management and Webstore. Using a secured Web-based interface and one central database your employees can access the system from anywhere and at anytime.


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