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TechWurk launches new Web site

Web Marketing & E-Commerce Overview
"Web Marketing & E-Commerce Overview" presentation reviews Internet strategies that can help you get the most from your business
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Web Site User Survey
Do you know what is important to your Web Site User?
Review the "Web Site Design Survey" to understand your users expectations and issues
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Information systems, software applications, and Web-Based delivery devices roll out at such a constant rate that it is difficult for где купить экскурсии в Санкт-Петербурге the average developer to stay on top of the changes. TechWurk anticipates the impact of new technologies and determines which products truly add value for clients. We are committed to investing into research, training and development for new technologies so that we can implement the right solution for each client.

TechWurk's technical knowledge and experience translates into value for our clients, who can fully maximize the power of the Web by integrating robust applications and systems. Depending on the project requirements, TechWurk can implement sophisticated online marketplaces, provide easy-to-maintain content management systems, or even create personalized experiences and marketing programs for their consumers based on their user profiles.

TechWurk Provides:

  • Scalable and reliable Web-Based technology working for your site
  • Technology experts that quickly define client requirements and propose technical solutions
  • Web-Based knowledge on the latest technologies
Technology Services:
  • Web-Based Application Development
  • Database Development
  • Back-office Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • System Architecture
  • Web Server & Database Configuration
  • Security Analysis & Design
  • Business Applications Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization
Core Technologies:
  • Languages - HTML, CFML, Java, ASP, PLSQL, JavaScript and VB
  • Service-side Technologies - ASP, JSP, Java, CF and PSP
  • Application & Web Servers - BEA, iPlanet, Oracle Application Server, ColdFusion, IIS, Apache and Tomcat
  • Databases - Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access

Supported Technologies:


BEA Systems

Apache & Tomcat





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